Soccer Moms

BUSY PARENTS this is for YOU: $7 a day!

Host Cars LA just made your life A LOT EASIER. Schedule one of our Cars or SUVS to pick up your little angels from school ON TIME, and deliver them straight home, soccer practice, dance class, etc. We can CAR POOL (max 7 per car). Besides, your TIME is worth way more than $7.00. And your kids will think its the BOMB.

Soccer Mom, by definition: EXTREMELY BUSY

Suburban mother with 2, 3 kids and busy work and/or social work schedules, and automated husbands with slowly diminishing spirits (lol). Typically Middle to Upper Class. Their cabals are usually averted to music unfamiliar to that of their youth.

Soccer moms are mostly responsible for the gaggle of kid safe laws ranging from stop signs every two feet to inundating TV and video game ratings to the manufacture of the "V chip". They aspire to the halls of Congress and the floor of the Senate to champion causes in the name of their families at the cost of casual freedoms.

They are are often juggling kids schedules as well as their own. One should be wary of traveling through a soccer mom's natural habitat as your presence will be secretly alerted to by the authorities under vague and even false suspicions.They also reside in urban and metropolitan areas.

Again, $7 per child per day. Host Cars LA just made your life A LOT EASIER. Schedule one of our Cars or SUVS to pick up those little angels and deliver them straight home. We can CAR POOL. Your time is worth way more than $7.00

* Our drivers are bonded, fully insured, drug tested, and have gone through a background check, as well as a safe driving test.

* Minimum age for passenger: 13 yrs, unless accompanied by parent or adult caregiver.

College Students Are Very Important To Us. They are the future. When they show a student id, they will get an automatic 5% discount credit to ride charge.

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