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Business Description

Established in 2009 in San Francisco, Uber is in all major markets worldwide, and is growing exponentially. This company is revolutionizing the private transportation industry by eliminating the risk of DUI, parking hassles, traffic stress, while enhancing driving safety and simple convenience. Uber has developed an application for smart phones that dispatch cars to riders based on the passenger’s GPS location, whether landing @ LAX, or leaving an event @ LA Live. Uber has customer’s cc information on file, thus enhancing a seamless transaction. Investors in Uber include Menlo; $32 ml. (San Francisco venture capital), Jeff Bezoz $10 ml (founder of Amazon). To this date, this is all of the funding Uber has required. Uber received an est. 2000 new customers on New Years Eve 2012 in LA alone, and is yet to advertise. Uber has a surge pricing system, wherein prices can as much quadruple to maintain excellent customer service during times of high demand.

Uber has overcome serious legal obstacles from the taxi industry service in several major cities, such as San Francisco, NYC and Washington D.C. New ordinances have been passed to permit Uber vehicles to operate in these cities.

All drivers are required to wear a coat and tie, and open the door, and provide bottled water for passengers. There is a driver as well as a passenger rating system on the driver and passengers’ smartphone that ensures mutual courtesy and excellent customer service.

When safety and convenience count the most, we have experienced several teens and even tweens utilizing their parents `Uber accounts.

We have personally met with Shervin @ Menlo and his exact words were `Uber will someday be as ubiquitous as Fed Ex'.

The revenue model below is based on Uber alone. Our vehicles will also be available for private rides booked on our interactive website. We will send the trip to the closest driver with 1 hour’s notice by either email or text. These trips can also be booked days ahead of time. This service will be 100% interactive, and require a very limited office staff overhead. This service will also allow us to gain more market share from loyal and repeat customers. More significantly, these vehicles can be in service up to 10 yrs, as there is not a maximum vehicle age requirement. There are also booking agencies that exclusively book trips and farm them out to drivers. These companies do not own any vehicles. We estimate this service to generate an extra $25,000 per year net per car. We plan to expand to other major markets in the U.S. and abroad.

Revenue Model

1) Revenue Share with Drivers/Partners:

Drivers pay for fuel (Prius - 50 mi per gallon), and we pay for insurance and maintenance. We pay for fuel on sedans and SUVS)

That model returns an avg of $2400 net per month per driver.

2) The Driver Lease model:

a) Drivers pay a weekly lease of $450 to $650 for unlimited use of vehicle

b) Drivers get unlimited use and income (except for privates we send, which is split 50/50) from vehicle. And driver pays for fuel and maintenance. Vehicle inspections done weekly. We pay insurance.

This model returns an avg of $1760 net per month per vehicle.

Los Angeles Uber Fees

Whether you're doing lunch at the Ivy, trekking to your movie set in Burbank or want to take business calls during LA traffic, Uber will escort you in style. Once in a car, the driver will take you anywhere you'd like.

Vehicle Types

UBERx- The convenience of Uber at a lower price with hybrid and mid-range cars in a variety of colors. Seats up to 4 people.*

Black Car- Our classic black car option is the default. Choose this and either a high-end sedan or SUV will be curbside in minutes. Note: choosing “Black Car” and being picked up by an SUV will not charge you our SUV rates. Seats up to 4 people.*

SUV- When you’re rolling with more than four people, request only SUVs, for a higher rate. Seats up to 6 people.*


Base Fare Uberx Black Car SUV
Start with this fare $3.00 $8.00 $15.00
Per Mile
Speed over 11mph $2.55 $3.50 $4.50
Per Minute
Speed at or below 11mph $0.50 $0.90 $1.20
Minimum Fare
$5.00 $15.00 $25.00
Cancellation fee
$5.00 $10.00 $10.00

** Taxi fares are $3.65 per mi, plus $2.85 base

Flat Rates

Uberx Black Car SUV
SM Brentwood and LAXn/a$55$79
Beverly Hills and LAXn/a$65$89
Downtown and LAXn/a$69$95
West Hollywood and LAXn/a$69$95
Malibu and LAX n/a$79$99
Hollywood and LAXn/a$79$105
Disneyland and LAXn/a$99$125
Los Angeles and San Diegon/a$239$299
Los Angeles and Las Vegasn/a$599$699

Party Buses available

Party Buses up to 50 people $250 an hour


Private Parties, Wedding, Concerts, Sporting Events.

Reserve a private car, and we are @ your service!

$125 an hour; 3 hour minimum

Investment Revenue Splits

An investment of $25,000 will be used to buy 1 vehicle and employee two drivers. Revenue will be shared 50/50 between the Member Investor and Host Cars LLC, the Executive Manager, on a net income basis distributed quarterly. This is the only revenue the Executive Manager will receive from the Member LLC. Our attorney will set up an LLC with the applicable Secretary of State exclusively for the Member, and an operational account will be funded at Wells Fargo by the Member Investor. .Normal set up time from funding the LLC to fully operating is 4-6 weeks.

Uber agreement

About the Chief Executive Manager

I began my career as a stock broker with Morgan Stanley in 1981, eventually rising to the Number 1 producer in the nation, the youngest to reach VP status @ that time. The S and P 500 was trading at a price of 860 then. It is now above 15,300. I founded a hedge fund in 1990, and saw opportunity in the eventual decline in interest rates. In 1996, I founded ROM, an online mortgage company. ROM was the number 1 originator of mortgages sold to and serviced by Flagstar Bank, who at the time was the largest loan servicer for FNMA. 30 year mortgages were above 10% in 1996. They are now 3.5%.

From the above, it is safe to say I get into large business trends early in the cycle I see the same growth potential, if not more, and long term opportunity with Host Cars, LLC, and Together, we are revolutionizing society’s means of travel within urban communities worldwide.

Thank you for your interest in Host Cars LLC.

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Investor/Partner Questions

Dave Ware
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